How to Write a Eulogy for Someone You Never Liked

Writing a eulogy or funeral speech for someone that was a near, dear friend or relative is not an extremely difficult thing to do. More than likely you have plenty of memories with this person and a ton of good things to say about them. You can talk about their childhood and the adventures you had with them. You can talk about specific memories that will bring tears to the eyes of your audience. You can talk about happy moments and sad moments. The list is almost endless. However, how to write a funeral speech for someone you never liked can be a bit more difficult.

Try To Find the Positive

The first thing you need to remember is that the person you are talking about is dead. It might be tempting now that they have deceased to completely rat them out about all the bad they have done over their lives. The list is probably long and the urge is more than likely strong. However, it is not kind to talk bad about dead people, and besides, it is possible that someone in the audience liked this person. If you find out the opposite then go for it, but if your dead friend or relative was cared about even just a smidgen, you might want to keep the bad events of their life on the down low. Pretending like you are writing a eulogy for your father or close relative may help to give you some funeral speech examples.

Use a Little Trick or Two in Your Wording

Usually a eulogy begins with a sentence talking about mourning the dead person. If the person you are writing a funeral speech for was not nice, you can change that sentence around about. Instead of “mourning” the person, you can say you are here to look back on the life of that person, or to remember that person. When it comes to the end of the Funeral speech, instead of saying you miss that person, you can stretch the truth a little by stating that you all will always remember that that person’s time on this earth. It is not a lie. If they were not nice, you will at least think of them at some point. It may not be often, but the time will come.

Stretch the Truth

It is also ok to stretch the truth a bit about their life. Even if the person was the cruelest person on earth, you can always find something nice to say such as they were good at finding bargains or always remembering to remind you things. Try to find a good eulogy example to follow. Leave out the part that they were things you did not want to remember. Try and give someone in the audience a bit of peace about the dead person. Look up examples of eulogies and find an funeral speech sample that you can kind of follow to ease your tension and your mind.

Write About their Lives

If you are finding it really difficult to write nice things about someone, then write about the person’s life, at least as much as you know about it. You don’t have to talk just about them, you can talk about their parents, their wife and children, their aunts and uncles, and whatever might be kind. If you need some ideas make sure and do a few phone calls before you write the eulogy. Interview friends and family members who might have something better to say about the person than you do. Reflect on memories the person had with their family. This will make his or her relatives feel better and you get the compliment of staying positive about someone that everyone probably knows was not deserving of such a nice funeral speech.

Write out a Practice Speech

Another idea is to write out the funeral speech the way you really want to, especially if the nice eulogy is making you feel a bit ill. However, do not mistakenly take this funeral speech with you to the memorial service. This is more like a journal entry where you can get everything you wanted to say to that person off of your mind and clear your head of all of the negative thoughts you may have. Then you can begin to work on a more positive approach to your funeral speech.

Use as a Self-Reflection

Finally, use the eulogy example as a lesson. Remember how you felt when you wrote the funeral speech and try and be a better person. Remember that this is not the way you want to be remembered and begin to act accordingly.

Nine Great Tips to Use Examples of Eulogies to Write a Eulogy for Your Father

Death is a big part of life and unfortunately for most children, they will have to bury their parents when they pass away. Children often like to write a eulogy for father so that they can pay tribute to the man that raised them. Here are nine useful tips on how to use examples of eulogies to create a memorable funeral speech.

Tip #1: Begin the writing process by organizing your thoughts. When writing a speech, it is important to make sure that the content is organized in such a way that it makes sense. Search the Internet for examples and then begin to write down the basic structure and begin to craft your document. One great way to do this is by using a downloadable eulogy writing product. These products are excellent at creating eulogies that sound well written.

Tip #2: Focus on highlighting the father’s accomplishments. Talk in the speech about the warm and loving moments that you spent together that most people might not know about. This will resonate with the audience and allow them to see him in a different light. Some people such as fellow co-workers only know basic things about the man so it will help them have additional information.

Tip #3 : Use a eulogy writing product to choose a eulogy example to use. Then, you can begin to customize the example that has been provided. For example, print out the document and then edit it to include relevant information. For example, include where your father was born, how many years he lived, what he liked to do with his free time, and any memorable quotes that he used.

Tip #4:  Learn how to write a eulogy by writing down all of your thoughts without even really thinking about it. Grief is a complex emotion to have to deal with and many people struggle with writing a speech because they focus so much attention on cramming everything in. Write as much as you can and then you will have that raw emotion that can be edited later on to fill the body of the speech.

Tip#5:  Include humorous remarks. Death is something that many people find unsettling so it can be a nice uplifting thing to do to mention any funny stories that you can remember. This helps to get the spirits up in the crowd. A funeral or memorial service should be the celebration of a person’s life so just focusing on sadness is something that should be avoided.

Tip #6: Use examples of eulogies to craft the entire body of the funeral speech. The body should be several paragraphs or longer so that it can cover a wide selection of topics. For example, put together a time line of his entire life and fill it in with a paragraph or two about the highlights of his time on Earth.

Tip #7:  Look at eulogy samples to create the flow to the speech. The flow is very important because you do not want the entire thing to sound insincere or too rehearsed. One problem many people have is that their tone and flow is off so they begin rambling on and one and the whole thing sounds bad. When you use a downloadable eulogy creation product, you can avoid this because the document can be put into a template that is pre-approved for a successful performance.

Tip #8: Speak from the heart. Do not make the entire presentation one that the audience does not take away any emotion from. A great eulogy is one where people come away with the idea that the man was an incredible father and that his family loved him as much as he loved them.

Tip #9: End on a high note. Close the speech with an uplifting quote about death. One great example is that we know that we will see you again so this is not good-bye this is until we meet again. This helps to end things on a more upbeat note rather than one where people have to listen to a person who is somber and is talking about finality.