Crafting a Well-Written Eulogy – Where to Begin

One of the hardest things to do in life is to write a eulogy. If you have been asked to write a eulogy but you don’t know where to begin a great starting point would be to look at eulogy examples. Writing a eulogy does not require excellent English skills but it does require you to write from the heart. A eulogy should be a written speech that goes over the memory and the life of a loved one that has passed on. A eulogy will often stir memories and be one of the last things that will be remembered about the individual that has passed on.

By definition a eulogy is a well-written speech that a family member or a friend has written for a loved one that has passed over to the other side. Usually this speech will consist of special memories, highlights of their life, cherished moments, and other special moments in their life that had made that person who they had grown to be. A eulogy does not have to be written professionally word for word but grasping the basic definitions of the eulogy and what is often included in them could be a great way to start out the eulogy writing process.

Reasons Why You Would Want To Write a Eulogy

Even though you might have been asked to write the funeral speech, eulogy, for an individual that has passed on the chances of you wanting to write the speech before being asked to write it are good. If you have been asked to write the eulogy speech this would usually indicate that you have been close with the deceased at one point in their life and they feel that you would be the best choice to help make their memory live on.

Writing a eulogy for father, or another loved one, is not only a great honor but it will allow for a person to show how much one person can grow and how much that one person has affected so many lives. Everyone who attends a funeral most likely has known the loved one that has passed and it can be a great way to show them that their memories with that loved one matter too. A funeral can be a difficult time and a time to grieve so writing a eulogy might be harder to take in but by taking the first few steps you will be able to create an original piece that will honor the loved one.

Where to Begin When Writing a Eulogy Speech?

The first step in writing a great eulogy is to decide what information that you would like to include in the speech. Looking at a eulogy example might give you an idea on where to begin with your speech. It might be a great choice to choose from the vast array of memories that you have with the deceased but you are not the only one who is grieving. Make sure that you include memories from all walks of their life so that everyone that attends the funeral will feel like the memories that they have had with that loved one will still continue to live on.

Do your research. When you are looking for interesting memories, moments, and cherished periods in their life you would want to make sure that you ask around. Ask their closest friends and family to share with you some of their favorite memories. This can be a great way to add a unique touch to a eulogy and bring up memories that will be cherished. By having old photographs and stories from their closest friends and family you will be able to create a speech that is not only filled with the best moments in their life but you will have a speech worthy of remembering that loved one and keeping that memory alive.

Write For the Loved One and Not For a Speech

Even though a eulogy should be well written and understood it does not have to sound as if an English professor wrote it. It should come from your heart and sound as if it’s natural and written in your tone of voice. On occasion you might find yourself not knowing what to write next and if this situation comes up you would want to skip over that part of the eulogy and move onto the next. This should also be done if a memory is currently too hard for you to write out. Examples of eulogies can be a great way to know the writing style that is commonly used for these speeches. By skipping over smaller sections of a speech you will be able to continue the writing process without giving up or feeling like you have failed in some way. A eulogy is a great time to remember the loved one that passed and the way that they changed people’s lives around them. They have lived a great life and the speech should be able to tell others about how great of a life it really was.

You Don’t Need To Be a Professional Writer to Write a Eulogy

A eulogy should come written from the heart and not written from a dictionary or from a college degree. It should be written as if you are speaking and not reciting a speech. By not sounding empathetic or even sounding disheartening you could help to stall the grieving process. Remembering a loved one that has passed on should be a special moment and not one that is forced out. Speak from the heart and include memories that will touch the heart of all those that have attended the funeral.

Make Sure That You Have a Replacement

A funeral can be a difficult time for anybody but having to give the eulogy can bring up feelings and memories about the individual that may or may not be included in the eulogy. Do not feel bad if you start crying or if you are unable to finish the speech. Have an individual who is going to attend the funeral that was also close with the loved one that passed be ready in case you are unable to continue giving the speech. Make sure that they have a copy of the eulogy so that they can step in to give the speech if they feel that you no longer are able to.

Use Eulogy Writing Downloads To Help You to Write Your Eulogy

When it comes to writing a eulogy there is no real right or wrong way to compose this speech. If you find yourself not knowing where to begin, where to go next, or how to wrap up your speech than getting help from a downloadable source will be able to provide you with information and tips that will help you. Eulogy examples are often featured in these downloads. Eulogy examples will help you to see what others have done and give you ideas on the type of information that you can include in your speech. Eulogy samples, not full eulogies, can also be used when looking into particular aspects of a eulogy speech. Seeking out help is never a bad thing and when it comes to writing a eulogy it should be well composed and coming from the heart. Referring to some extra help while you are writing this speech will help to make the process easier for you during this difficult time and teach you how to write a eulogy.

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